Life Style-Sex toy review

Guys, the Germans are coming and they’ve decided everyone else should too.

Enter The Womanizer.

The buzz about this new toy is that 98% of the women who tested it climaxed WITHIN 5 MINUTES, and only 1 woman didn’t reach orgasm.

The toy is for external clitoral use only, and works differently to any other clitoral stimulator on the market. It has a delicate nozzle, or pleasure cap as they call it, that fits over your clit, and when the toy is switched on, this nozzle provides suction and vibration at the same time.

Suction you say? With 360 degree vibrations? Caused by air pressure waves? Oh, hell yes.

It’s like having your clit sucked by an extremely proficient lover, if that lover also had the ability to create vibrations that go straight to your very core.

The Look

While not everyone is in agreement over the aesthetics of the toy – it’s patterned (either leopard or snake) and has a huge pink crystal button – I like it. It’s sassy, playful and fun – and isn’t masturbation and sex supposed to be sassy, playful and fun? I don’t know about you, but I don’t understand why sex toys suddenly need to look like it was designed and produced by NASA.

More importantly, it has buttons that are very easy to navigate. Most notably the huge bedazzled crystal that you press to increase the intensity level (because who has time to fumble with control buttons while you’re in the throes of passion?). When The Womanizer connects with your body, it makes a soft purring sound which is much less intrusive than the normal vibrator whine.

The Feel

The Womanizer claims to be unique in what it has to offer. And while I cannot say I’ve tried every sex toy there is, I can definitely say that this gadget feels unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The sensations are overwhelming, which is weird since both the suction and the vibration is gentle and mild. So it makes the intensity of the ensuing orgasm so surprising.

The manufacturer promises the ultimate super-orgasm and I’m not going to lie, this bedroom companion truly lives up to expectations. I don’t want to get too graphic, but I will admit that the toy has made me cry. In a good way.

The Verdict

This is not a cheap toy. But while your knee-jerk reaction may be to baulk at the price tag, I’d suggest weighing up what you get. Can you put a price on pleasure? On sexual fulfilment? Do you struggle to achieve orgasm?

This product was sent to me for review, and to be honest, I’m not sure I would have bought it before I’ve tried it. But now that I know what it can do, I think it’s a sound investment in physical and mental well-being.

With the device comes the following:

  • Gorgeous zipped storage case
  • USB charger (charge lasts for 90 min)
  • Spare silicone nozzle (for sharing with your girlfriend perhaps?)