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Social Corner-4 conversations to have before having sex

We’re living in a fast world with cheap thrills and easy sex available around every corner. Here’s how to stay sane and safe. I am all for sex. And I am delighted that… Continue reading

Life style-10 sex myths that must go

1. Sex is between a man and a woman, with a penis in a vagina Where does that leave people who are intersex, homosexual or transgender? Or those who don’t like penetration? Or… Continue reading

Life Style-Sex toy review

// Finally. German engineering where you need it most (in a vibrator) Guys, the Germans are coming and they’ve decided everyone else should too. Enter The Womanizer. The buzz about this new toy… Continue reading

I’m having sex with my plumber, builder and all the firemen

Violet Online shares her sex dreams and tries to make sense of them. Oh my God what is going on with my dreams! They have been amazing but I am so scared that… Continue reading

Why do Americans not drive diesels?

In Europe, if a motorist wants to drive a small car that feels like a big one, there is a diesel for every occasion. Diesel used to be a dirty fuel and a… Continue reading

“Let Us Be Naked!”Demanded gay Bar Patrons In New Orleans

#Nudenotlewd. That’s the hashtag being used by a gaggle of activists petitioning to reinstate the clothing-optional policy at a popular gay-friendly bar in New Orleans. For over 35 years, the Country Club has been popular haunt for gay… Continue reading

Thinks to Do If She Has a Boyfriend

Question: The girl I’m hot for has a boyfriend who doesn’t fulfill her. She says she loves me, but won’t leave him for me. I keep waiting, but it only seems like they… Continue reading

How to Approach a Woman Online – and Make Her Excited to Meet You

If you’ve tried out a big online dating website like, then you’ve seen that there really are some hot, quality women on there. However, just like out in the real world, it… Continue reading

Church- How to Dress For Church Services

These is an Old and very useful post from Wiki how blog.Bringing a dressing to church a good idea or not?Some people are reluctant to go to church because they don’t know what… Continue reading

Church-Why people don’t go to church

Introduction: Somany reasons  and  excuses about why people don’t go to church ,all being answered with biblical and practical reasons in favor of going to church. Why Go To Church? Every Sunday many… Continue reading